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Wings of Elysium

“Wings of Elysium” is channeled information and codes received by Zoriaan.

wings of eylsium


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Chapter 20 “The Soul”

Through countless tides you have again risen and risen & throughout time fallen and rebuilt the self. Meanwhile the soul never changes, its formless, transitory & timeless, unaffected by change.

Thus from the continued act of returning from the play of duality & the ebbs and tides of emotion, we return back to the centre where the still-point is omni-present and always exists.

This is the art of mediation but it is also the art of walking & living in full presence or full consciousness.

For by knowing this state alone is the only tool needed to access it, all else is temporary & illusion. The dust of the mind always settles and reveals this, even if for just a micro-second, that is still enough to have reference to eternal peace.

There is no forcing needed to maintain this state for it does not respond to attention and even attention is not enough as it is in a continual flow. The source of the soul is permanently still yet in continual movement all the time with no end and no beginning.

Our relationship to it is just as equally important to our relationship to the whole . The total exterior world and the soul are entwined as one. Thus peace can be made when the battle to rule or control both the interior soul and the exterior manifest world ends.

There is no end or beginning. Only this in-between state of now that we experience when both our interior and exterior states surrendered to this peace. Within that state the heart expands & a love is felt like no other ever felt before, yet that love state is always remembered and is deeply familiar.

There is a gradual returning to this in all beings which is happening. A gentle beckoning of the soul’s returning to a state of universal love. Like a re-union of two separate parts meeting as one.

Ending all battle between the two and opening back the remembrance of total expansion & synchronized with a immersion into the vast expanse of the souls love, which is a gift to be experienced at any given time by all beings.


Zoriaan 30.4.14

Chapter 19 “The Total Universal Self”

A rumble from within, a turbulence in-between space and time, an invocation of energy beyond the powers of creation which is purely the self.

A gesture is all it takes. A invite to the self to remember full potential and the full function of the human body.

Bliss can be obtained at any given moment, if it is allowed. It is more than any given moment it is omni-present, ongoing, a free flowing stream that one must just turn inwards to re-discover. The act of self-transformation is purely self returning to the self. There is no transformation only the allowance to end the resistance to what is already there.

The physical devotion to the self is important. For external reflections are merely guides to remind the self on its own way home.

Immense love is there when the self-imposed restrictions are dissolved, love flowing from within & out from the body & reflected back from external life. A symbiotic perfection that always was there. Honor your body so your mind can be at peace.

The currents of the soul, rivers of bliss cascading down and up the body continually, sparking life into cells & cleansing layers of thought. Becoming conscious of this alone is a invitation for full transcendence & immersion into the total self. Nothing more is needed. It’s within all beings. It is not a switch that can be turned on or off, it is ever flowing.

The breath is the guide & teacher and carries you into a place that is the total universal self.

The simple act of just remembering this is the art-form itself. For the body can go on auto-pilot. It already knows how to navigate and utilize full consciousness the only restriction is the mind’s judgment.

Within the centre of this stream beyond the currents and winds of energy is the still-point where the total universal self lays and all that is. No desire is left no future or past, purely the Atman at the centre of the soul.

From this place we can begin remembering how to live in pure consciousness.

Zoriaan    14.12.13

Chapter 18 “The Void”

Climbing the escalator of a progression into the void. Entering the void is art of returning into full presence.

Entering the void being free of thought, time and space, but being fully awake in a body in the present here and now reality. It is like leaving and returning at the point within zero thought but total 100% consciousness.

The space between the gaps is where this void lays. It is neither a destination or a location but purely a space that your consciousness can slide into at will.

Freedom from thought can be amplified by love, which in turn switches on light in the void. So you can see reality with new eyes, light, colour and interconnectedness. Life seen as though you have never seen it before. Total presence in this now.

At this point there is also no attachment to life or death, there is purely only the now.

Love is the gateway to total expansion & the in and out breath the greatest teacher of all.


A simple sine wave is the sound of awakening you will hear like a bell-sound reverberating through the human skull.

Leave your fears at the door for only from liberation of the bondage of thought and attachment can there be access to stillness and total presence.

The Egyptian Ankh is a key to the great mysteries of timelessness. One must embody it to understand it. Literally internalize the symbol.

The higher dimensions are merging into this now. Amplifying presence & loosening the veils of illusion inch by inch. We are not going anywhere but deeper onto this present reality.

Try not to resist it or hide in shame or guilt of future or past events. Drink pure water to assist the electrical process within the body.

Your spirit has traveled fathoms of time to be here for this time now. Honor that journey the best way that only you know how to do.


8.7.13    zoriaan

To view all the chapters for free on an eBook version go to “Wings of Elysium”.


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