About your Tour Guides “Egypt 2017”

About your Tour Guides “Keys of Light Spiritual Tour to Egypt 2017”


About Your Egypt Guide: Charmaine Adam



Charmaine Adam has been working as spiritual intuitive for the past 9 years as a practitioner and teacher of Serenity Vibration Healing and Enlightenment Tech. She has practiced and taught Tantra , Sacred Sexuality and divine feminine teachings for the past 7 years. Her expertise and knowledge has brought her to her divine purpose and calling to aid in the shift of consciousness on the planet and with individuals. Her focus on bringing unity , harmony and realigning individuals with sovereignty and personal empowerment.

Through Serenity Miniseries Charmaine has was initiated as a Ancient Mastery School of Earth Protective Council where she received channelled messages, activations and teachings from the ascended masters

Over the years her she has been called into service on planetary world missions with the Serenity Ministry traveling :

Israel and Jordan in 2009 ( for the 9.9.2009 portal)
India in 2011 ( for the 11.11.2011 portal)
South America and Easter Island in 2012 for the 12.12.2012 portal)

These tours channeled by the ascended masters of light , and each participant was guided to sacred energy points, portals and star gates to activate and elevate collective consciousness.

Charmaine will offer each participant on the Egypt tour to:-

– Release barriers and blocks to their own spiritual purpose
– Bring through intitiations for the Priest and Priestess templates and activations awakening our own inner medicine, knowing and empowerment.
– Guided meditations to awaken and open up innate gifts and intuitive abilities.
– Explorations of the unity between the divine feminine and divine masculine.
– Sacred Sexuality teachings as a optional offering

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About your Egypt Guide: Zoriaan


Zoriaan Cameron was born in Melbourne, Australia in 1977. In 1999 he had a number of spontaneous Kundalini awakenings while in Thailand & India. After these ongoing transformational and challenging experiences he was guided to begin a devoted path of service & healing to the transition through this current global awakening.

He has travelled extensively to sacred sights for the past 20 years to North India & Kashmir (Amanath Yatra Pilgrimage) and worked with Hindu Sadhus in the Himalayas (Kumb Mela). He has travelled to South & Central America to work with shamans & medicine people of Peru, Ecuador & Mexico. During this time he began to receive “Channeled Guided Meditations” & information though a “Universal language of light” from “Star Councils” that came through him, which he could both speak and write in script form, and latter began utilizing it within his healing sessions. The body of work of teachings/meditations are under the title “Keys of Light”.

He toured and taught mediations to a group of 32 people in Egypt at various sacred sights from the Queens Pyramid & Sphinx, Hathor Temple, the deserts of Sinai & throughout various Egyptian Temples & sacred power sights in 2009.

Zoriaan has been facilitating Kundalini Pranayama/Meditation workshops worldwide and is currently practicing as a energy healer with 20 years experience. His main focus is working with the energetic body, working with energetic extractions & personalized activations. He designed workshops utilizing guided meditations and breath-work techniques to raise the frequency fields within the body (Merkaba), to enhance awareness of self-realization, and to bring new light into others and their life path. He has preformed channelled presentations of this “Universal Language of Light” publicly to groups in Bali, India, USA, Australia, Canada & Egypt.
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About your Egyptian Egyptologist Guide: Elia Takla
 A La Carte Travel & Tours
A La Carte Travel is the inspiration of intrepid explorer and Egyptologist Elia Takla.  Elia’s thirst for travel stems from growing up in Egypt and working in the travel business as a tour guide then tours director for over 15 years, and where he discovered the richness of global cultures. A veteran of global expeditions to over 40 countries, he has criss-crossed the continents to experience the extraordinary. During these years, Elia realized the vast difference between a package tour and personal discovery — where deep knowledge and personal attention of a local guide can turn a trip into an experience!
It is from these roots that Elia began building his vision for A La Carte Travel & Tours. Led by a team of destination experts with real in-country experience (not a call center), and a commitment to rethinking the way you travel – it has resulted in an award winning travel company that spans the globe.