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“I went to Zoriaan for help with problems of sleep paralysis that have been plaguing me for some years – after receiving a healing session in relation to this I have had no re-occurrence of my symptoms and after an initial day of feeling quite tired found that my sleep patterns were more restful and I had less anxiety.”  Jessica Raye, Melbourne.

“Zoriaan has been a great help for me in times of ill health … I have received healing from him which has greatly helped with my anxiety and state of mind…I believe he is a natural and gentle healer who I would recommend to friends and family who need some healing help in their lives.”    Karla Erenbots. Melbourne, Australia.

“My healing with Zoriaan was potently transformational.. The effects of the work have been reverberating through my life ever since”.Christopher James, Vancouver Canada.

“Zoriaan’s work is both subtle and intense. As with much of facilitated etheric healing, one’s own openness to being involved the process is hugely important. Zoriaan is exceptionally good at helping you to feel comfortable with the process as well as offering the encouragement for you to go deeper, to really reach into the reasons why you are seeking healing in the first place. He is a strong empath and able to find the healing modality most suited to the work you need to do.

His own lengthy personal healing journey has been valuable in helping others to find deeper levels of healing and personal liberation within themselves. I found Zoriaan to be not only a powerfully effective healer, but an excellent teacher as well, making the healing a practice that i was able to grasp and integrate into my life.”  Seejay, Vancouver, Canada.

“Zoriaan is a healer with the unique gift. He is able to cross time & space, see, hear & channel what needs to be brought to the surface & healed. He is a great facilitator & holder of space; he has a great compassion for others and is deeply passionate about his mission to bring awareness & deep inner freedom to others.”  Sally Micic, Melbourne


“The healing works Zoriaan did for me were initially subtle but revealed themselves to be profound, transformative, gentle and pure. They reach all levels of being, from physical to past-life to emotional and visionary of what is and what can come to be through this kind of work.”   Mandy Ashburg, Vancouver, Canada.