Shamanic Journeying Workshop

Shamanic Journeying Workshop

Meet your Spirit Guides and Totem Animals

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  • Have you ever wondered who your Totem Animal or Spirit Guides are?
  • Have you ever questioned how knowing your own Totem Animal or Spirit Guides could assist your life path?

This one to one private workshop spread out over three separate sessions, will take you on a journey into the realms of the shaman. Using a safe drumming technique and under the guidance of a trained practitioner you will discover and meet you own Totem Animal and Spirit Guides and learn how to work with them.

The Shamanic Journey is a way of finding answers, information, healing, wisdom and knowledge as well as guidance or help with one’s personal life. During the Journey a person will meet with spirit guides who may be regarded as ancestors,  power animals and Totem animals. These beings are seen as beings with great wisdom, power and the ones who are willing to help with guiding the living.

A shamanic world is made up of three parts, the lower world, the upper world and the middle world. The shamans see these three worlds as a climbing tree to the next world. The tree represents power and courage and is used in the initiation ceremony. None of these worlds are above the other. They are equally important.

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Totem & Power Animals

Totem & Power animals have long been an important element of Shamanism, an ancient healing religion. Following the faith’s basic principle that everything is alive and carries a distinct amount of wisdom and power with it wherever it goes, animals play an essential role in a Shaman’s life. The animals are truly believed to be a help and healer to anyone who seeks them out, and are considered to be a major path toward spiritual and emotional success.

Shamanism teaches the belief that everyone has power animals (otherwise known as animal spirits) which live in the soul of each individual, protecting them from harm and illness.  Power animals are thought to keep negative things away while also bestowing various kinds of knowledge and strength. Each person has a variety of Power animals who each represent various strengths of that individual, and each has one Totem Animal which is a type of “signature” of the persons soul strengths.

shamanic journeying with zoriaan

Spirit Guides

Each of us within the traditions of Shamanism has many spirit guides who exist is the other worlds and look over and assist us through various time periods and events in our lives, each with different personality, form and gifts. There is one primary spirit guide which we call “shamanic teacher” and this spirit guide is with us all through our life. In this workshop you will connect to this “teacher” and be able to ask them questions about your life path.

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“In a time in my life when all was chaos and mystery, I spent three consecutive evenings journeying through the shamanic worlds, guided by Zoriaan, into places of unparalleled revelation and healing.

I do not fall into such experiences easily, but with his clear, strong, gentle guidance, I had undeniably real experiences of my animal totem and my spirit teacher, as well as myriad of other teachings. Almost immediately my life was utterly transformed, as my true path was revealed with crystalline clarity, along with accessible tools for walking it in a good way. I am eternally grateful.”

Eve Bradford. San Francisco.

Shamanic Journeying can assist you to integrate the wisdom and power that lies within you to further empower and spiritually enrich your life.

shamanic journeying with zoriaan

Cost:  Shamanic Journeying Private workshops are  $220* for the 3 x 60min sessions. 

* Concession prices are available to clients with current concession cards or student cards.

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