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Healing Sessions with “Zoriaan”

Keys of Light Healings - zoriaan

Prayer to Heart . Channeled by  Zoriaan


Zoriaan’s healing sessions are personally customized to each divine client. Zoriaan has channeled and developed his own style of unique healing combining, acupressure points, bodywork & removing/unblocking energetic blocks & recharging/balancing the whole entire energetic body. Incorporating vibrational sound, frequency codes & energetic bodywork to move energy & awaken/activate dormant zones of the energetic field in your body.

Through intuitive bodywork and an ancient channeled language many clients experience an opening which allows them to be free of emotional, mental and spiritual blocks that have laid hidden. Harmony and balance are restored and over all sense of well-being.  A truly powerful healing if you are ready to take the next step and leap beyond all that blocks and limitations.

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Keys of Light Healing can assist with:-

  • Health – physical and emotional
  • Grief and Loss
  • Family Issues
  • Traumas from the past
  • Genetic conditions and inherited family patterns
  • Irrational fears / phobias
  • Maximising your potential
  • Difficult issues which have not responded to or been resolved by other healing methods
  • Spiritual issues
  • Past Life and Karmic Issues
  • Personal awareness
  • Evolving your spiritual growth to higher states of consciousness
  • Self empowerment
  • Clearing limiting thoughts, beliefs and feelings
  • Clearing barriers and blocks
  • Removing of Genetic imprints and formatting
  • Clearing Traumas, fears and suppression profiles

Zoriaan is currently offering private  “Keys of Light” healing sessions which are customized to each clients needs. Utilising to his own style of unique healing combining, acupressure points, removing/unblocking energetic blocks & using vibration, an ancient light language and frequency codes to move energy and awaken dormant zones of the energetic field in your body.



“How to put this work into words? In the space that we co-created with this healing work, my body becomes a temple vessel instrument for the crystal gridwork of reality’s true potential to flow through me into the world. Utilizing breath, mudra and vocalizations, often completely intuitive and channeled in the moment, I felt the tangible refinement of my being occurring on multiple planes simultaneously. I emerge from these sessions glowing with life force, utterly dedicated to my work and infinitely inspired to be of service to a story larger than my own.”     Eve Bradford. San Francisco

keys of light - zoriaan

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Keys of Light Healings are $120* for the initial consultation/session (90min) and then $90 for any follow up sessions after that (60min).

* Concession prices are available to clients with current concession cards or student cards.