Interview with Zoriaan by Red Door Magazine, New York

Interview with Zoriaan (Red Door Magazine, New York 2010)

Sacred Art + Divinations…




Great artists have always drawn from their mystical experiences.

It is their communication with the Divine + the soul’s inner deeper knowledge that has given them strength, ability, vision + a unique voice to deliver the message from a world beyond mundane day to day living, something that can inspire the masses + fuel hearts.

They have sought to portray their communion through their art.

Zoriaan is a metaphysical artist from Australia who is also a practicing sound + light energy healer. He produces static artwork in the mediums of photography, calligraphy, sketches + sound recordings.

He has an arts trained background, holding a Batchelor of Media Arts + has spent a great deal of time in Northern California over the last years doing performances + workshops at festivals + events that inspire, activate + produce mass healing in people.

In metaphysical circles Zoriaan is called a channeler. To most non-metaphysical people or non-lightworkers the whole idea of channeling seems allusive + difficult to believe in… People struggle with their beliefs on the spirit world, of Life + Death in general, let alone deal with the reality that people interact with the spirit world at will + make art + music from that place, with the intention to heal + uplift others.

I asked Zoriaan to explain the physical fundamentals of what happens when he focuses on this process…

“Ultimately I can feel a vibration within my body, its like a very fast engine or something, it runs up and down my body and through my skull…

I express that vibration through writing a type of script of symbols and codes with calligraphy pens.

(With sound work) Vocally, I allow the vibration to move through my mouth and combined with breath, air and vibration, a type of language is produced, that in its core I feel comes from purely vibration and frequency. Sometimes this language would feel to be coming from some ancient stories from another timeless dimension or space, other times it feels like it is purely initiating or healing with its sound. I can also write it in English (the information that is script).” (wings of elyisum – zoriaan)

I asked Zoriaan when did he start producing art from a conscious metaphysical inspiration?

“Vocally it started coming through around 2004 during an Ayahuasca ceremony. And then I began writing the script with calligraphy inks on paper directly after another ceremony in 2007… “

Ceremony is an integral part of the lives of people who honor the Way of the Spirit,

all the indigenous tribes of this planet have all used art to portray their spiritual beliefs + cosmology + how they fit within the great wheel of life.

The Ayahuascero shamans originating from Amazonian Columbia + Peru always used the Ayahuasca plant (or vine) in ceremony for divinatory + healing purposes to commune with the spirit world + understand the nature of reality.

[Their art is documented so profoundly by the recently late José Argüelles (24.1.1939- 23.3. 2011), shows the levels of layers of how they see reality + life.]

Zoriaan’s relationship to the plant + it’s ceremony ignited a deep memory within him that helped initiate to birth the language + sound that comes through him now…

[see keywords Ayahuasca ceremonies, shamanism…]

I asked Zoriaan if there was a difference in his process of making art from when he is not “channeling” pieces?

“I guess to me its always been coming through myself, ever since I was around 22 after I had a random accidental kundalini experience.

[Kundalini (kuṇḍalinī, Sanskrit: कुण्डलिनी) literally means coiled. Kundalini is described as a sleeping, dormant potential force in the human organism. It is described as being coiled up at the base of the spine…Through meditation, and various esoteric practices, such as yoga, the kundalini is awakened, and can rise up inside or alongside the spine. The progress of kundalini through the different chakras leads to different levels of awakening and mystical experience, until the kundalini finally reaches the top of the head, producing an extremely profound mystical experience.]

Nowadays I can sit and focus to intentionally do a specific piece on call, where in earlier years it would just come through at certain random moments, and in a way it was out of my control. I have learnt to be able to raise the frequency in my body through a focused mediation and open the channel.

This was encouraged by friends and once I realized I could do that then I also started to work in live performances across the world.”

The performances Zoriaan does involve him using the language + sound toning to create a space + field. He has collaborated with other artists + musicians performing + channeling pieces to thousands of people at a time.

Can you relay some of the experiences you witnessed people having in these events & your own?

“It’s hard to say what I have seen, as I have never really been able to see the audience and am usually out of my body while I am performing. But I have had people tell me that they have had Kundalini experiences during it, also people cry, many people seems to think it comes from an alien place, or it sounds to various different people like languages from many different cultures combined into one. People seem to say they know the language, its as though it sparks a memory inside them of a part of themselves they have forgotten.”

“Mainly I see it as inspiration for others to open themselves up to allowing their own consciousness to expand. This is my hope that with this work I can provide some type of keys that can help people in this powerful time on earth right now to remember their full potential as humans.”

“The 7 Rays” (collaboration)… digital with ink calligraphy

With all the massive earth changes happening now, do you see artists at the forefront of unifying humanity?

“I see artists & musicians as having the same, if not more influential power as anyone in government. A musician sending out revolutionary messages to thousands of people in an audience or on TV, online etc can help influence massive change. Artists working in all forms of media can dream and shape concepts and deliver them to the world through the internet now on a mass scale.

I feel that at this time right now on earth, Humanity is going through a major awakening and shift in consciousness. Each and every person has a gift to share to help redesign and birth a new paradigm that is happening now. I feel that the earth changes are happening to restore balance on earth, not to destroy us. As each earth change or natural disaster happens, we must align our hearts to the people and the land of where it is happening, this psychic focus combined with compassion, I feel does something to an invisible grid-form across the planet which will hold a frequency and that at the right time it will open up a multidimensional reality for all humans on earth. And balance will be restored on both personal and environmental levels.”

Zoriaan facillitates international healing workshops called Keys Of Light + can be contacted through regarding future workshops, performances, art + private healing sessions.

Neon Rebel – correspondent Red Door Magazine, New York. By Melaine Knight

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