About Zoriaan

About Zoriaan

zoriaanZoriaan was born in Melbourne, Australia in 1977. In his early 20s had a number of spontaneous Kundalini awakenings. After these ongoing transformational and challenging experiences he was guided to begin a devoted path of 15 years in service to the transition through this global awakening.

He traveled for many years in the 2000s to North India & Kashmir and worked with the Sadhus in the Himalayas. And then went on to  South & Central America to work with Shamans & medicine people of Peru and Ecuador. During this time he began to receive information (universal language of light) that came through him, which he could both speak and write in script form, and later began utilizing it within healing sessions.

Zoriaan has been facilitating workshops and practicing as a professional healer for over 15 years. His main focus is working with the energetic body, working with energetic extractions & personalized activations. He designed workshops utilizing guided meditations and breath-work techniques to raise the frequency fields within the body, to enhance awareness & self-realization, and to bring new light into others and their life path. He has preformed channeled presentations of this “Universal Language of Light” publicly to large groups in Bali, USA, Australia & Canada.


Over this time he has developed a body of work containing channeled teachings in written & script form that are designed to assist others through this period of the “shift” in consciousness that we are currently going through. The work is made up of written work & codes that are designed to activate and awaken each persons inner expanding consciousness.

Zoriaan designed the work to provide tips and guides to assist people through the awakening process and activate each individuals inner empowerment. Zoriaan’s channeled written & script work Wings of Elysium is available to view online at www.zoriaan.tumblr.com

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Zoriaan has a Cert IV in Training and Assessment, Usui Reiki Masters/Teachers degree, a member of the A.R.C Professionals, trained in “Core Shamanism” and has over 15 years experience practicing meditation and worked intimately with shamanic cultures from South & Central America & North America.


In 2013 he was officially Initiated under the “Sidha Yoga” Lineage to preform Kundalini Shaktipat ceremonies & has completed his teacher training degree in “Tantra Yoga” under the “The Heart of Shiva School of Tantra Yoga & Meditation”.









During February 2017 he trained extensively in Thailand with Swami Dhierendra Brahmachari’s last ever disciple Swiss Hatha/Kundalini Master Reinhard Gammenthaler. Going deep into the original roots of Hatha/Kundalini Yoga.

After over a year of preparationary practice, In May 2017 Zoriaan received official Initiation into Kryia Yoga in Melbourne, Australia by Sri Yogi Prakash Shankar Vyas an authorized master of Kriya Yoga in the direct lineage of the great Yogi Sri Lahiri Mahasaya from Varanasi, India.

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Zoriaan is currently providing healing sessions and facilitating workshops at the “Keys of Light Healing Centre” in Hawthorn, Melbourne, Australia.

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